Non-invasive Laser Lipolysis

Destroy unwanted fat cells with Venus BlissTM  laser treatment.  No discomfort,  no downtime. 

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Next generation fat reduction technology.

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Ultimate Fat Reduction

Venus BlissTM high energy diode lasers heat adipose cells causing them to release fat and shrink. Fat cells are destroyed and removed over time through normal body processes. Results are seen after treatment, and continue to improve over the next several months.  A series of three treatments, at four to six week intervals, is recommended.

Clinically proven results
Comfortable treatment
Safe for all skin tones
No downtime

Incredible Results

In clinical trials the Venus Bliss was shown to reduce fat thickness by up to 41% after a single treatment. That's  twice the fat reduction of fat freezing devices. Heating instead of freezing the fat also addresses the potential for nerve damage and other iknown side effects.

Safer, more effective fat reduction is now available in Austin.

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RF Skin Tightening

In addition to the lasers used for melting fat, Venus Bliss also provides RF (radio frequency) technology.  RF energy combined with electro-magnetic energy and pulsating suction tightens skin, remodels collagen fibers, and smooths out cellulite.

Venus Bliss Pricing

Get the best pricing on Venus Bliss fat reduction treatments. Then choose a treatment plan that's right for you.

Single Treatment
For clients treating a single body area.  We recommend three treatments.

$299/tx  (reg. $800)

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Basic Plan
Venus RF
Radio frequency for treatment of cellulite and tightening oi loose skin.


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